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Amy, Ann Arbor

I rarely write reviews on matters such as these but in this case, I can't remain quiet. I would HIGHLY recommend Dinse Contracting LLC and look forward to using them again in the future for our additional house projects.

Brian Dinse and his entire team's (Chris, Sean, Zach and Bryan H.) attention to detail is impeccable. Their work ethic and work quality is extremely high. We ran into an unexpected structural issue in the middle of the project, and Brian and his team did not skip a beat. They assessed that there was an issue, easily located what the issue was, and came up with a game plan to fix it... all while continuing the large kitchen remodel and working through Covid-related restrictions!

Brian earned our trust in the process through his quality of work, and even moreso, through his personal integrity. He is honest and up front. I would highly recommend him!!

Katherine, Ann Arbor

Absolutely flawless. The Dinse team worked smoothly with the designer and made excellent suggestions about ways to increase the beauty and utility of the overall job. They explained all steps clearly in advance and kept to the agreed schedule.

Their work is first-rate. I recommend them most highly! 

Khalid and Naznin, Ann Arbor

The project went well apart from having to update the furnace & water heater but that does not reflect on Dinse Contracting, which was great. These were practical updates when getting the project done and Brian’s company was very helpful in getting estimates and keeping the project moving. They budgeted us time to get these done but did not slow up work at any other time as they have their own carpenters, plumbing, electrical, tiling, drywallers, painters, etc.

This was a great relief as we were able to get the project essentially completed before family came to town. The quality of work was great, more than I could have asked for! Also, a couple small things we had to add or have changed after the work was done, Brian was obliging.

Brian does the research and comes up with ideas to solve problems and get the best quality products and outcome at a reasonable price! Last project I had to do this myself with another company.

I loved the close communication Brian does to minimize delays and misunderstandings and I absolutely love the record keeping/balance sheets they do online that you can access yourself at any time. I will rely on this company in the future for any projects I can get them involved in as it minimizes stress for me and makes the whole process so much more pleasant than other projects we have done with other companies. They have a wonderful crew who are smart, communicative and polite. :)) Thanks so much Dinse Contracting!

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Andrew and Connie, Ann Arbor

We have contracted with Brian Dinse multiple times and this most recent time was as high quality as the other projects.

The main bathroom needed a complete gut to the studs and upgrade. Brian and his crew showed up on time, every day and worked diligently to achieve a total remodel. They handled all aspects of the work from cabinetry and countertops to lighting and tiling. They also handled ordering and coordinating delivery from the tile shop and the bathroom fixtures store.

I appreciate Brian’s professionalism, customer service orientation, practicality and courtesy.

Herb and Lynn, Ann Arbor

Dinse Contracting is the third contractor we have hired in the past 25 years to do major remodeling on our home and this was, hands down, the very best experience we have ever had and far better than previous experiences. Here's why:

1. The quality of the work is impeccable.

2. All the details are perfectly executed and done with pride and attention to each one.

3. The work was done over several months (per the agreed upon timeline) and this was our master bathroom. We continued to live in our master bedroom throughout the work. The workers, every last one, worked so neatly that there was never dust or dirt created by the job that was not removed at the end of EVERY work day.

4. Every last artisan and worker was polite no matter what.

5. As with every project, there were problems to solve, and each time, Brian Dinse worked transparently with us to resolve each one as it arose. For example, when removing the old bathroom, moisture had gathered in an exterior wall inviting carpenter ants and damage. Brian and his crew skillfully replaced the wall, the outside siding and insulated the new walls to create a much more efficient environment relative to heat and air conditioning.

6. Not just with problems, but each step of the way, Brian and his crew communicated directly with us and again, with transparency. This was so refreshing and relieved us of any anxiety relative to the work and what was happening next.

7. The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly installed...perfectly. Each person who worked on this project did so with attention to detail and with great skill. The tile work is artisanal/stunning/beautiful. All that you can see looks amazing and all that you cannot see was done with the highest level of workmanship and professionalism.

8. The price tag for the work was exactly as quoted and the work was high end, so the price was more than reasonable.

9. We asked that a few other details in our house be addressed and the handyman work was professionally done.

10. The level of trust that Brian and his people established was high and due to good communication and transparency.

11. All I can say is, I will hire Dinse Contracting again without any hesitation or reservation. They far exceeded our expectations. We got exactly what we amazing master bathroom. We are so very grateful

Bryan and Julie, Ann Arbor

I cannot say enough good things about Brian Dinse and his team. We have worked with other contractors before and have not been nearly as impressed as with Brian and his team. They are all friendly, intelligent, skilled, polite, tidy (they cleaned up every day), and reliable.

We live downtown and it is difficult to get to our second floor as we don't have street parking. They were up for the task. We felt so comfortable with them that we had them work on the project for 2 months while we were out of the country.

Brian was fantastic about keeping us up to date on the progress. He is a great communicator and sticks to his word. A true perfectionist. Dinse Contracting has high integrity. We were beyond happy with how beautiful our bathroom is now!

Matt and Jen, Ann Arbor

This is the second time I've used Brian and his team for a major project. Prior, he had completed an entire home renovation from the studs out. He had done such a great job on that project that I knew he was right for this project.

This time around, a designer had drafted plans for a recording studio, and they needed to be followed to a 1/16th of an inch to ensure maximum sound quality was achieved in the recording studio. I knew I could rely on Brian for his attention to detail and precision craftsmanship.

Brian worked closely with the original designer, but also brought a lot of his own knowledge to the project and helped make adjustments as they arose. Brian's team framed new walls, insulated the ceiling with multiple layers of sound proofing material, hung resilient channel mounting strips, built resonator bass traps, assisted electricians by installing a completely isolated electrical system, laid waterproof sub flooring, installed custom HVAC, ran networking cable, and numerous other odds and ends related to the completion of this major project.

Needless to say, a project of this size and detail needs the watchful eye of a professional like Brian. Someone who is willing to think outside the box on multiple occasions, but also maintain a steadfast attention to the design plans.

Brian is an excellent choice for large jobs like this, but also for small jobs. He will continue to be my go to craftsman for all jobs at my house, as his team is multi-skilled and can handle anything you ask them to.

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Jim, Ann Arbor

From day one, Brian had a quality of service and customer satisfaction mindset. Even a few times when things didn’t go as planned, as always happens with big projects, Brian stepped up to resolve issues quickly regardless of fault.

Brian oversaw all the contractors we brought in, making sure work was completed as expected. I trusted Brian with the keys to my house and he let workers in and out, making sure my belongings were safe and that the place was always as clean as possible when the work was done and I came home at the end of the day.

I couldn’t have achieved the results we did without Dinse Contracting, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their home.

Robert, Ypsilanti

Brian helped me figure out what I wanted the finished product to look like, presenting a lot of design ideas that I hadn't considered, and then saw the project through from demolition to finish.

The demolition phase was extensive - several walls were removed. The house is old (1878) so everything found under the surface was not always as expected (the joists under the subfloor weren't level with each other, for example) - some situations called for extensive remediation, which Brian's crew met with no issues. HVAC ducts had to be moved.

The arrangement of the bathroom was completely different than what had been there previously, so plumbing had to be rearranged. The bathroom work included framing, insulation, ceiling can lights and exhaust fan ducted to the exterior of the house, drywall, plumbing, trim, painting, and a lot of tile work, including the floor, a jacuzzi tub enclosure, and a full tile shower. The workmanship in general is great. I am very impressed with the tile work.

The kitchen work included removing a wall between the kitchen and pantry, and replacing the wall between the kitchen and dining room with a more open setup, including an arched doorway to match other architectural features in the house, and an open breakfast bar. The arrangement of appliances was updated to a more modern layout.

A tile floor was installed here as well. I chose and purchased cabinets and Brian and his crew installed them. Also included was ceiling can lights, range hood vented to the opposite exterior wall, plumbing, insulation, drywall, trim, and painting.

Additional small projects included in the cost here - the bottom half of the attic stairway adjacent to the bathroom had always been absent, Brian built a replacement. One of the historic garage doors was about a quarter missing, Brian extrapolated and reconstructed it to match the existing door.

The only thing not included in the cost is the kitchen cabinets themselves (installation of the cabinets is included), counters, and appliances (with the exception of the stainless steel range hood, which is included), which I am purchasing separately. Designer double bathroom vanity was included.

Heather, Ann Arbor

I hired Brian to paint my kitchen cabinets, do drywall repair (very extensive work on the ceiling), and paint my living room and dining room.

During the work, I had a flood at my house, which resulted in needing a total remodel of the main floor. Dave, one of his workers, actually found the flood, and if he hadn't, things could have been so much worse! It turns out that flood was a blessing in disguise, because working with Brian, Dave, Seth, Mark, and Chris turned out to be a great experience.

I trusted Brian implicitly with everything. He was a great communicator, always talked with me about the budget, and followed-through. Everyone on his team is very professional and are great craftsmen. They take great pride in their work, are always on time, and are just really nice people.

My master shower is quite a piece of art! It is all tiled, floor to ceiling, and it looks incredible.  Not only are his guys great to work with, but they were all very respectful of my cats. I have several, and they had to work around them. They were very patient with that.

Brian also has really great ideas. He installed night lights and USB ports into the walls, which are really helpful. I would have never thought of that! I will definitely work with Brian again. I have a basement to remodel next, and I wouldn't want anyone else but Brian and his crew to do that for me.

Matthew, Ann Arbor

Brian Dinse is far and away the best contractor we've ever worked with. I contacted him blindly on Angie's List after my wife and I purchased an older home with great bones that needed a major aesthetic update.

Brian came to view the house in September of 2014 with the expectation of only doing drywall and paint, and quickly realized the scope of the renovation we intended to do. While the work was way more than he anticipated, he was upfront and honest about the things he could do, and the things he would recommend other people he knew to do.

After signing on, he quickly assembled a large crew of workers and got to work. All in we had about 3.5 months of work at the house, and Brian was onsite every single day (aside from a few appointments offsite that he made us fully aware of ahead of time).

He was always available for consultation and was very responsive by phone, text message, and email. If we ever had a concern or change of direction in the remodel, Brian would hear us out and work with us to find a better solution.

At no point did he intimidate us, or try to twist our arm into doing something that didn't feel right. In other words, he is a fantastic communicator! As for the quality of work, we couldn't be more pleased. Brian is a perfectionist with the details.

Our drywall lines and corners are perfect. He would often have his crew repaint a wall many times to make sure it looked as good as it possibly could. Brian is concerned with every single detail of your home and will notice things you wouldn't normally think about.

Carl and Sue, Ann Arbor

Dinse Contracting LLC was not our first experience with a contractor, but definitely our LAST. To compare Brian and his team to our other contractor would be like comparing a complete professional to someone who had absolutely no idea of what building or remodeling was supposed to be.

Brian and his team came into our home to remodel several rooms. There was drywalling, mudding, sanding, priming, painting, staining, installing new crown and floor molding, hanging ceiling fans and lights, installing blinds, etc. All this was done with the greatest of care. They would clean up at the end of every day. They would sweep/vacuum the floors, put away all their tools, and put back the couple of pieces of furniture so as to make our evening as pleasant and undisturbed as possible.

When Brian was working, which was always, he would check and check again for ANY imperfections in the ceiling, walls, moldings, whatever it was, and made sure it was taken care of. Brian and his team all had their special area of expertise but worked together as the team that they were. If one was needed to do something else, there was absolutely no hesitation.

We left them in our home alone, and felt VERY comfortable in doing so, when we had any errands or purchases we needed to make. As I said before Dinse Contracting LLC is our LAST contractor, we mean it.

The quality of Brian's and his teams' work is totally OUTSTANDING. Our home is in better shape and looks better than when we first bought it.  We would have Brian and his crew back in a heartbeat.

As a matter of fact, before he left, we had Brian pen us in for next spring to do a complete gut and remodel of our kitchen and eating area. Brian,  you and your crew are the VERY BEST.  Thank you.


Brian Dinse
Dinse Contracting LLC
Owner / Operator
Licensed Michigan Builder
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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